About this Blog

This blog is inspired by Ushio’s Manga Muncher blog, and my mission statement pretty similar to his.  I love reading manga and this is a place to jot down my thoughts on what I’ve read, so lets have some fun!

The backbone of this blog is that the posts are not epic, well-written, well-balanced reviews (I would love to do that but simply don’t have the time).  They are quick thoughts and impressions – little bubbles if you will ^_^

Most of the posts will have originally been written as updates on Goodreads straight after I finished each book or series, therefore my most up to date manga musings will most likely be found over on my Goodreads account.

Please feel free to comment on this blog whether you have the same opinions as me or completely the opposite.  It would be pretty cool to be able to edit one of my posts to include someone else’s opposing thoughts on the same book one day (trolling aside ^_~ ).

‘Big press’ manga is the focus of this blog (as that’s what I read on a daily basis), however I will probably dip into some manga-influenced small press work from time to time as I have a lot of love for indie work too.  Thoughts on some out-of print-titles are almost certain as well, considering the small print runs and license lapses so many manga series go through.

My taste is pretty broad: I’ll read anything from shoujo high school romance to full-on horror.  However my first loves are sci-fi and cats, and there just aren’t enough comics that combine those two things in my opinion…


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